Certified solution for Immediate Information Sharing

EDICOMSii is a solution that automates the entire process of delivering information to the AEAT. From generation of standard XML file to submitting the books to the Tax Agency’s e-Office, as well as certified safekeeping of documents under special security conditions in individual files which allow quick access to any record.

Electronic VAT issuance

EDICOMSii transforms the data from your ERP or accounting system into the XML standard regulated by the AEAT for construction of the VAT record books.

Connectivity with AEAT

The solution links up with the AEAT electronic office through secure communication protocols for the submission of VAT ledgers and the receipt of status updates.

VAT books safekeeping

EDICOM, fully accredited as a Qualified Trust Services Provider according to European Regulation 910/2014, safeguards the entries and notifications exchanged with the AEAT, granting them the status of electronic originals with probative value.

Product interface adapted to the Immediate Information Sharing communication flow

The EDICOMSii solution was designed to facilitate the user experience. To this end, we present a functional design 100% adapted to the exchanges of information businesses will engage in with the AEAT. In a highly visual environment, a novice user of e-management platforms can locate any entries submitted to the AEAT, as well as the associated responses or notifications. In addition, statistics are provided through customizable graphic representations.

Do you know the figure of Authorized Third Party?

Gain 4 extra days to submit your billing information to the AEAT.

EDICOM, as provider of e-invoicing services, may be considered a Third Party by clients issuing bills through its solutions. Under this legal figure acknowledged by the AEAT, we can furnish companies with up to 8 days’ valuable additional time to adjust their internal procedures in the information transfer flow to the AEAT e-Office.

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