In less than four months, through the new SII system for e-VAT bookkeeping, over 62,000 companies will be required to submit their VAT record books to the AEAT electronically. Businesses will therefore have to accept technical changes with an impact on their in-house working procedures. In general, this is summarized by the ability of information systems to capture and integrate the information required by the tax agency with other applications that act as a secure communication bridge, certifying delivery of the record books and returning the status responses.

But this new need is actually no different from other communications that companies were already using in their daily business, such as Facturae with Public Administrations or communications with banks, EDI systems with logistics providers, customers, suppliers and others. So, a quick start solution for companies already working with EDI technology consists of evolving their current communication platform to incorporate these new tax-based transactions.

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Social Partner

A social collaboration agreement has been approved with companies supplying SII enterprise management software.

These companies, among which EDICOM stands out, can sign a social partnership agreement on the application of taxes for remote submission of statements, notifications and other tax documents on behalf of third parties. All that is needed is a simple administrative procedure, where the interested company contacts its local tax office or call centre, where they will be informed about the documentation to be provided for registration.

The following link shows the Application form for electronic submission of billing records.

New Book to include “Cash Transactions” and “Insurance Operations”

The Treasury has made a change in what was formerly the “Cash Receipts Record Book”. This latest version has been renamed as the “Record Book of Transactions with annual tax implications “and includes “Cash Transactions” and “Insurance Operations”.

The “Insurance Operations” feature was created for insurance companies to communicate what they previously used to report through form 347 (compensation or benefits paid in excess of € 3005.06 and premiums or considerations received of over € 3005.06). Companies that did not previously submit these details using form 347 because they are not insurers are still under no obligation to report them through the SII.

EDICOMsii Platform

EDICOMsii is the solution from EDICOM that automates the submission of VAT-related tax and fiscal data. The platform integrates the full data transfer cycle with the AEAT, in other words, integration with the ERP, creation of XMLs, and forwarding and safekeeping of proofs related with the communication.

EDICOM is a supplier of specific technology solutions for data integration in business since 1995. We are fully consolidated as the leading IT provider for this type of systems in the Spanish market, where we process around 50% of e-invoices issued to Public Administration.

For full details of this system, download our White Paper on e-VAT bookkeeping through SII, with detailed explanations of how VAT e-bookkeeping works and the changes it entails for businesses. You can also join our SII group on LinkedIn and share all the latest news, while we help clear up your doubts and queries.

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