The foral communities, Navarre and Basque Country, have six months to adapt to Immediate Information Sharing. January 1, 2018 is the deadline to for them to begin sending their VAT records to the tax authorities electronically.

A framework of collaboration with the AEAT will be set up, where each tax administration will receive information from its SII user taxpayers and forward the information on clients and suppliers belonging to other administrations to the pertinent authority.

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The case of Navarre

The Government of Navarre has scheduled January 1, 2018 as the date of entry into force for SII in its community. The Navarrese taxpayers affected by the SII are:

  • Taxpayers with tax residence in Navarra and previous year’s transaction volume < 7 M€.
  • Taxpayers operating exclusively in Navarre territory and whose previous turnover was > 7 M€, regardless of their tax domicile.
  • Taxpayers contributing by transaction volume (or relative figure), with tax domicile in Navarre and previous turnover of > 7 M€, unless 75% or more of their transactions for the previous year had been carried out in common territory.

As for the system for submitting information, the same regulatory and technical specifications currently used with the AEAT shall apply. To submit the information to the HTN, it will be necessary to modify the URL to which the messages should be sent.

The deadlines for sending the information of each type of document are the same, but in this case there will be no extraordinary extension period to 8 calendar days, as occurs in the first six months of application in the national scope.

Implementation of this system eliminates the obligation to present information forms F50 (347) and 340 and to keep the VAT record books internally. In addition, the Navarre Tax Authority will have a trial service running from September to December 2017.

Extend the deadline for submitting information to 8 days

The AEAT acknowledges the figure of Authorized Third Party as an accepted billing system in terms of invoices issued. Businesses using the billing services of an Authorized Third Party such as EDICOM gain a significant added value, as the deadline for submission of information to the AEAT is extended to 8 days.

EDICOMSii solution

EDICOMSii is a solution that automates the entire process of submitting information to the AEAT. Everything from electronic VAT issuance, to connectivity with the Tax Agency’s electronic office  and certified document safekeeping.

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