Businesses using SAP have the option of creating their VAT ledgers in the XML format required by the Tax Agency from their own ERP. This is an important advantage in terms of adaptation to SII, but it entails the search for alternatives to connect with the AEAT for the submission of these files and to receive status responses for each communication.

EDICOM provides an agile and immediate start-up solution for connection with the AEAT. If your business has the capacity to issue VAT books in accordance with the SII specifications, EDICOM can manage the automatic forwarding of this information to the Tax Agency safely and transparently. This way, you can complete your SII solution quickly and in compliance with all the requirements.

The EDICOM platform has tried and tested operational developments that ensure smoothly flowing and secure communication with the Tax Agency. Through the communications platform, users automate forwarding of their VAT books and can also store them along with the response notifications from the AEAT. The service, designated EDICOMLta (EDICOM Long Term Archiving) is a long-term safekeeping facility that guarantees the integrity and authenticity of VAT ledgers submitted over time, raising them to the rank of evidence through “Trusted Third Party EDICOM”.

Does your ERP issue SII system-compliant VAT books? If so, you’re just one step away from compliance with the AEAT requirements. Contact us and find out how to complete your solution by incorporating our communications and certified storage services.

–> Download the White Paper on the SII to find out how this new e-VAT model affect your business.

–> Download free White Paper on EDICOMLta long-term electronic storage.

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