This agreement between the Tax Agency and EDICOM allows EDICOM to act on behalf of its clients in everything related with SII business management

The Tax Agency and EDICOM have signed the social partnership agreement for Immediate Information Sharing. This framework agreement enables software companies such as EDICOM to collaborate in tax applications for Electronic Submission of Billing Records through the Electronic Office of the Tax Agency on behalf of third parties.

This means that EDICOM is authorized for the remote submission of tax returns, notifications and other tax documents on behalf of third parties, contacting the pertinent Tax Agency branch office or Telephone Help Centre, where they will be informed of the documentation to be provided for registration.

By signing the social partnership agreement, EDICOM is now able to streamline and facilitate taxpayers’ relations with the Tax Administration in everything related to business management for the SII.

How will VAT management change?

Rolling out electronic VAT management has a threefold objective: to simplify compliance, lower costs through automation and improve fiscal control.

As of July 1, the way VAT used to be managed in recent years will be changed completely. Both companies obliged by law and those deciding to sign up voluntarily will have to modify their internal processes and deadlines for submission of the documents. Find out step-by-step how Immediate Information Sharing works.

EDICOMSii: Product interface adapted to SII communication flow 

EDICOMSii is a solution that automates the entire process of submitting information to the AEAT. Everything from electronic VAT issuance, to  connectivity with the Tax Agency’s electronic office  and certified document safekeeping under special security conditions, in individual files ensuring quick and easy checking of any record.

The EDICOMSii solution was designed focusing on enhancing the user experience. To this end, we present a functional design 100% adapted to the exchanges of information businesses will engage in with the AEAT. Ask for a product demo and gain first-hand experience of our certified solution for Immediate Information Sharing.

Extend the deadline for submitting information to 8 days

Through different regulations, the AEAT acknowledges the figure of Authorized Third Party as an accepted billing system in terms of invoices issued. Businesses using the billing services of an Authorized Third Party such as EDICOM gain a significant added value, as the deadline for submission of information to the AEAT is extended to 8 days.

To find out all the finer points of this system, download our White Paper on e-VAT bookkeeping through SII, with detailed explanations of how VAT e-bookkeeping functions. You can also join our SII group in LinkedIn, where we share all the latest news and clear up any doubts or queries.

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