After the first six months in force of the real-time e-VAT system Immediate Information Sharing (SII) implemented by the Tax Agency in Spain, almost 100% of the obligated companies are already submitting their VAT information.

According to figures, up to November 2017 the AEAT had received one thousand two hundred million records and the quality of the data comparing that presented in model 303 and in the SII is very high.

Since July 1, 2017, the EDICOMSii platform has managed the transmission and sending of all our clients’ e-documents, to the tune of more than 193 million entries declared to the AEAT electronic office.  In total, this means transmission of more than 1,765,040 VAT books.

New SII features for 2018: Version 1.1

On July 1, 2018 a new version of the schemas comes into force, although it will coexist with version 1.0 for a few weeks. These are the most relevant changes:

  • The Tax ID (NIF) of the entity succeeded will be added in the invoice identification to identify the billing records kept by an organization in its capacity as successor of another entity due to corporate restructuring operations.
  • Two marks will be added to identify “qualified” simplified invoices (those identifying the recipient) among the full invoice keys as well as full invoices in which identifying the recipient is not mandatory.
  • A mark will also be added to the invoices issued Record Book to identify invoices issued by third parties, in accordance with the provisions of additional rulings three and six of RD 16196/20212.
  • A new key for the collection/payment method is added for transactions covered or affected by the special cash basis VAT regime to identify collections and payments implemented through direct debit orders.
  • Some tags will be renamed to provide greater clarity and legal precision in designations: settlement period, billing by third parties or by the recipient and property transfer amounts subject to VAT.
  • Lessors of premises with more than 15 references per invoice will have to generate a new separate book with all the references.
  • Travel agencies and those subject to the used goods regime will be required to include the total amount of their invoices. Travel agents must identify all recipients of their transactions for all services and not only in air transport.
  • The deadline for corrected invoices for inclusion in the SII shall be calculated from the time of issue and not of the transaction, unless otherwise reasonably justified according to art. 114.two.1º.
  • The deadline for collections and payments will be from the collection and payment dates, respectively.
  • Entities with voluntary quarterly liquidation may take advantage of the SII system while maintaining their quarterly declaration period. In this case, the date of receipt of the settlement is maintained as the 20th of the relevant month.

Check out all the information on the AEAT SII website.

SII in the Regional Communities

The Regional Government Councils of Alava and Vizcaya are extending the deadline until 20th February for the submission of invoices via Immediate Information Sharing for bills dated between 1 January and 15 February, 2018.

Businesses that already have an SII solution such as EDICOMSii can start carrying out trials and testing with some of the Foral Communities’ electronic offices.

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